Hi! Thank you for your interest in booking an appointment with me!



  • I need to know what your idea is, size and the placement you have in mind. It does not have to be 100% fixed, but some general idea helps us find a time slot that would fit. You are also welcome to send as many reference photos as you want.

  • I never tattoo anyone under 18 years old. No exceptions.

  • I work Tuesday - Friday from 11:00 til 17:00. Sorry, no weekends :)

  • I never send drawings over the internet. But don't worry, I always make sure that we have time to make any adjustments that need to be done to the drawing (and never get offended if you want to change something.)

  • I only book appointments up to two months ahead.

  • Please note that I get a lot of emails so I might not answer straight away. I try my best to reply within a week.